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Our focus on Hazardous Drug Detection, Monitoring, and Decontamination

A little over a decade ago, Stephen Eckel, manager of the oncology pharmacy at UNC Medical Center at the time, wondered if there was a way to increase workplace safety for patients and practitioners in contact with hazardous drugs. More specifically, he was interested in developing a way to monitor for HD surface contamination. Quickly, he realized that there lacked an easy method for doing so.

Stephen approached Bill Zamboni, also a pharmacologist with a focus on oncology, with an interesting idea. He suggested that the two collaborate on a way to measure and then remove hazardous drugs, such as chemotherapy, on surfaces in pharmacies and hospitals. After some initial skepticism, the pair were amazed to find high levels of hazardous drugs everywhere they looked. And so, ChemoGLO was born.

Our value proposition

ChemoGLO provides an accurate measurement of contamination levels of commonly used chemotherapy and hormone drugs in clinical, laboratory, and institutional settings.

In response to the high instances of contamination noted in our ChemoGLO Wipe Studies, we developed Hazardous Drug Clean HDClean(TM) - the only laboratory tested product proven to remove hazardous drug surface contamination.

A two-step solution

  1. Use ChemoGLO to identify areas of contamination and help institutions evaluate the risk of harmful exposure to hazardous drugs.
  2. Apply HDClean as part of a regular cleaning program to help reduce the risk of exposure to employees and patients alike.
Person cleaning a lab hood

Get to know the ChemoGLO team.

We are a group of professional individuals who are passionate about the impacts of hazardous drugs on patients and healthcare workers. Our goal is to provide hospitals and pharmacies with a simple test kit that can be used in any environment where there is risk of harmful exposure to hazardous drugs due to preparation and administration of such drugs.

Our Team