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Map your hazardours drug testing areas

The ChemoGLO Site Map Form is an important document for recording the wipe areas at your site. The Site Map Form provides sections to record the specific location of all 6 of your wipe samples. To meet regulatory compliance of USP 800, future wipes should be conducted at the identical location of your previous wipes. Other important information including sponsor, site, contact information for reporting purposes and estimated drug doses at your site are also recorded here.

The Site Map Form should be completed after each wipe area is complete. Wipe Area ID is specific to each test area. For example, "Hood 1" would correspond with an evaluation area in the hood. Please provide a thorough description of each wipe area, referencing stationary objects at the facility such as a sink or a cabinet, as a reference for reevaluation of the same area for future wipe testing.

The completed ChemoGLO Site Map Form should be included with the wipe samples that are sent to the lab. Please write legibly.

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