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Healthcare Heroes Deserve a Safe Workplace

During the pandemic, healthcare organizations across the country publicly celebrated their employees as heroes. Yet, healthcare workers continue to face the daily risk of exposure to hazardous drug contaminants in the workplace. If we’re going to treat our employees like heroes, let’s make sure they have a safe environment to work in.

There are so many areas within the healthcare setting that can be contaminated with hazardous drugs such as antineoplastic and hormonal agents, and the risk to healthcare workers is real. ChemoGLO data shows that 80-90% of sites tested for hazardous drug surface contamination have at least one area of positive contamination. It is important to check contamination levels in these frequently used areas. USP 800 states that environmental wipe sampling for HD surface residue should be performed at least every 6 months or more often as needed. As our Chief Pharmacy Officer, Stephen Eckel, likes to say, “Knowledge is power. And the more you test – the more drugs you test, the more locations you test, the greater the opportunity to create a safer environment for your employees.”

So, the next time you hear people talking about our healthcare heroes, please think about their potential exposure to hazardous drugs in the workplace. At ChemoGLO, it is our mission to create healthier and safer work environments. We are here for you, your employees, and your patients.