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Welcome to Our New Blog

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Welcome! After more than two years being physically separated from our industry friends, customers, and colleagues, we are taking steps to actively reconnect with all of you. This blog is one step we’re taking to share knowledge, offer insights, and update you all with what’s happening at ChemoGLO.

First, let me say how much we appreciate your business over the past 10+ years and your loyalty as we’ve dealt with the impact of Covid-19 on our business. We’ve done everything we can to limit price increases related to economic and supply chain issues that emerged during the pandemic and appreciate your understanding.

One comment we’ve heard from our conversations with customers is that many are not aware that ChemoGLO offers services outside of hazardous drug detection and removal. We offer:

On site testing performed by a ChemoGLO Team Member
SOP/Workflow consultations and reviews
Risk Management Planning including helping sites determine which areas to test, which drugs to test, and how often to test
Follow up consultations to discuss wipe study results
Cleaning solutions for problem areas

Our founders each bring more than 25 years of experience in the cancer world and understand the issues and concerns with chemotherapy formulations, pharmacy operations, and monitoring. Their perspectives, experience, and commitment to keeping patients and healthcare workers safe from exposure to hazardous drugs is second to none. So please feel free to reach out to us if you have a need.

Thank you for spending time with our new blog. Our team at ChemoGLO is new to blogging so this should be an adventure! We appreciate having you along for the ride.