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ChemoGLO Below the Surface: Did You Know?

ChemoGLO has been a leader in hazardous drug detection and removal for 12+ years. In that time, we have partnered with companies, institutions, hospital systems, and labs to research hazardous drug contamination and ways to address this growing concern. As a result, we have the largest reference database of hazardous drug sampling results in the world, and we would like to share our research and knowledge with all of you.

Our “Did you know” series will feature helpful facts drawn directly from our 12+ years of data collection and research as well as provide information on our ChemoGLO Wipe Kit and HDClean products that you may not have heard before and may not have considered. Ultimately, we would like this data to help our current and prospective customers better address hazardous drug contamination and reduce the risk of exposure for employees and patients.

Here are just a few examples of the type of information we will be providing in our Did You Know? series:

&mdot;ChemoGLO has 12+ years of data on surface wipe testing and has analyzed over 75,000 wipe samples.
&mdot;The ChemoGLO Wipe Kit can measure 24 different chemotherapeutic and hormone agents (17 hazardous and 7 hormone drugs)
&mdot;Once we receive your samples at our lab, testing results are available within 3 to 5 business days
&mdot;80-90% of sites tested have at least one area of detectable drug residue on surfaces in preparation and administration areas.
&mdot;HDClean has been laboratory tested to remove surface contamination of a wide variety of hazardous drugs, including chemotherapy drugs, hormone agents, controlled substances, and drugs of abuse.
&mdot;The HDClean towelette wiping system is the only laboratory tested cleaning system proven to deactivate, decontaminate, and clean (DDC) surfaces by removing hazardous drug surface contamination.

Knowledge is power and we hope this information helps keep your organization safe from hazardous drug contamination. Look for more “Did You Know” facts on our social media platforms in the weeks to come.