The ChemoGLO team

We are a  group of professional individuals who are passionate about the impacts of hazardous drugs on patients and healthcare workers. Our goal is to provide hospitals and pharmacies with a simple test kit that can be used in any environment where there is risk of harmful exposure to hazardous drugs due to preparation and administration of such drugs. After all, evaluating environmental exposure to chemotherapy in the work place is the first step in providing a healthier, safer work environment.

“I just wish we had these resources when I worked in an oncology pharmacy.”

William Zamboni, Chief Scientific Officer

“With ChemoGLO, I saw an opportunity to increase workplace safety beyond my practice setting.”

Stephen Eckel, Chief Pharmacy Officer

Our Team

Cara Zamboni
Chief Executive Officer
SEND EMAIL 877-215-2705 ext. 1
David Powell
Chief Business Officer
Maureen Murphy
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
SEND EMAIL 877-215-2705 ext. 2
William C. Zamboni, PharmD, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Stephen Eckel, PharmD, MHA, BCPS
Chief Pharmacy Officer

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